Christmas decoration

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 The nights start getting longer and the temperature drops, but Christmas brings joy to that dreary winter weather. When you're getting ready for the holidays, you want to make sure that your Christmas decor includes everything you need to make your home merry and bright. From a vast selection of Christmas trees in every imaginable size to a huge variety of outdoor decorations, you can find all the decorative items you need at Sears.


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Chinese toys "three axes " Cut Out Domestic New Situation

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 Xinhua Guangzhou on April 24 at the 113th power Canton , who occupy the world of Chinese toy industry share Liucheng retired. Constraints on multiple factors at home and abroad , the number of export -oriented companies have a sense of twilight , "hold day is the day ."

LED Advertising Screens in China 's Development

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"In 2014, the city's first piece of Hunan Road  Light Up LED advertising screen appears . Despite a late start , but in recent years , increased the number of LED advertising screen number ." Cityscape Department Director of Urban Management Bureau Ma Liangqi introduction, the latest statistics display , LED advertising screen in the main city currently has more than 40 , mostly in Xinjiekou , Hunan Road and other trade industry developed downtown .

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LED Tree Lights

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 LED tree lights

LED tree lights referred to as LED or LED simulation tree landscape tree . led tree lights and the use of modern technology in the processing of new materials formed Trunk leaves simulation material . As technology becomes more sophisticated Party Lights , it is energy-saving , high brightness , bright colors, long life , modeling realistic.

LED Variety of Applications

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 LED variety of applications :

LED applications can be divided into three categories : LCD screen backlight , LED lighting , LED display( Party Lights Holiday Lights   etc ).
1 , small size 1.5 -inch to 3.5 -inch LCD screen backlight :
Such as mobile phones , PDA, MP3 / 4 and other portable devices to LED LCD screens require backlight.
2,7 inch LCD screen backlight ( such as digital photo frames ) :
3 , large backlit LCD screen ( such as the LCD TV / Monitor, Laptop ) :
Currently, most LCD TV / Monitor, laptop LCD screens are used in fluorescent tubes do CCFL backlight CCFL reasons due to adverse life , and environmental protection are now facing with LED backlight development. Press the LCD screen size generally require tens to hundreds of white LED backlighting , LED driver IC market and its potential to be great.
4, LED Flashlight:
Small power LED flashlight, Light Up LED ,LED flashlight , LED miner's lamp .


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LED Products-LED Lights

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LED (Light Emitting Diode, referred to as LED, Chinese name is called light-emitting diodes. ) Refers to the LED lights with ribbon assembly in FPC ( flexible printed circuit board ) or PCB hard board , because the product is shaped like a ribbon-like named.

Global History LED Development

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As early as 1907, in fact , humans have discovered the power LED semiconductor material phenomenon , but the real commercial LED is the 1960s . Then GaAsP LED made ​​from a compound semiconductor material , glows red . Throughout the 1960s and 1970s , LED luminous efficiency is very low, and can not stimulate very important colors - blue. At this stage , LED is mainly used in all kinds of expensive equipment , as a signal indicator. Into the 1990s , with the invention of the nitride LED ,  Party Lights  LED luminous efficiency has been a qualitative leap, which consists of an important white colors blue , also in 1993 by the famous Japanese Nichia LED enterprises Shuji Nakamura 's invention . Such monochromatic LED complete the entire visible area have to meet a variety of application areas luminous monochrome . The most significant changes affect the development of LED industry , is a high- brightness white LED invention Since 1997, white LED invention , the expert on white LED lighting into the general areas of possible research .

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Tips about Christmas Holiday Lights

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 The true secret to your house's ideal lights to reflect this year's brighten would be to preserve issues simple yet sophisticated. Gaudy and also high in volume design as well as LED lights migh

About Fair Use Of LED Lights

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 Led lighting have become common across the world because they're very effective with regards to conserving the charge as well as. Brought come in a variety, shapes and sizes. Brought possess dis

Urban Future Landscape-Large LED light windmill

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White windmill for wind power wind moving in during the day is a beautiful landscape at night also can be a beautiful night, fame becomes luminous sculptures.
      Unique LED light windmill, located in the northern German city of Hanover, Patrick Reynolds designed by French artist, an increase of LED lights on the large-scale wind turbine blades and the tower, so that the light emitted colorful LED lights, along with the fan rotation produces fantastic results, LED power supply is also provided by wind turbines, wind up when the time, LED lights will be more bright, beautiful shining in the night sky.