Teaching children painting toy bear

September 28, 2016 | tags | views
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Toy bears are the kids like a stuffed toy, it looks lovely, and even some toy bears will be particularly beautiful dress himself, wearing a bow tie, put on beautiful clothes skirt.

The classroom is a photograph of the painting sketch, taking into account different for each baby favorite toy bear type, so a lot of toy bear print photos, you can choose your favorite painting as an object, not from the shape of a teddy bear who difficult, are a combination of some very simple shapes made up of problem modeling process is drawn objects too small, causing the picture is not full, other kids are doing great.

The final step is coloring skills, because the coloring material is colored pens, it will be very convenient operation, but the need is thorough, the more carefully drawn teddy bear will be more realistic. Technically, the first flat coated, choose their own favorite teddy bear colors, remember not used deep colors, flat painted paintings bear good body.Then select the richness deeper than before but belonging to the same color palette drawn bear plush, plush regularity remember last to teddy bear painted decoration colors.Colors have a sense of color and.