CCC certification process and preparation materials

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CCC certification process and preparation materials

The majority of products CCC certification application is in the China Quality Certification Center for certification,There are a few product categories in other certification bodies to apply, such as: car category products can also be certified in the certification of the application; agricultural products in Beijing Oriental Kemu quality certification center to do certification. 3C certification applications are generally used in the certification body to submit electronic materials, such as the submission of materials meet the certification requirements 1-2 working days can be accepted.

Conventional product certification application preparation materials are:
1.Business license and organization code certificate, product model specifications, product brochures, product description, factory profile.

2.Type test. After the success of the application for certification, the certification body will arrange the product to send the test, send the test in the third party laboratory (generally close to the principle of choice), the detection cycle according to product characteristics, the general product testing cycle is about a month or so. If the test is qualified, the laboratory will issue a qualified report. Report the mail certification body for re-evaluation.

3.Factory inspection phase. When the product type test qualified, the certification body will be on the production plant quality system and production capacity and other aspects of the comprehensive evaluation. The evaluation is mainly based on the "factory quality assurance capability requirements", the company prescribed procedures documents, operating instructions and so on. This stage of the evaluation is not only the evaluation of the factory hardware facilities, but also the actual production capacity of the factory's comprehensive evaluation of the operating capacity. As well as the key components of the product control, supplier management. The general factory inspection will have one or two generally do not meet the items to rectification, rectification after passing into the next stage. If the factory inspection does not pass, the certification is terminated.

4.Qualification assessment stage. After the factory inspection, the inspector will submit the factory inspection report to the certification center, review the engineer to re-evaluate, after passing the certificate.


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