WRAP brief introduction

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WRAP brief introduction

The goal of the WRAP certification program is to promote and implement legal, human rights and ethical practices throughout the world and to certify this approach.By participating in the WRAP certification program and following the WRAP principles, the sewing product industry demonstrates commitment to the social responsibility of its business activities.

This project attempts to meet WRAP's principles by verifying the manufacturer's compliance with the principles of labor policy, plant operating conditions, compliance with environmental management and customs requirements to achieve WRAP intent.WRAP is a factory-centric certification program. The factory participating in the ertification program voluntarily agrees that an independent supervisor assesses whether the plant is performing WRAP principles. The WRAP certification committee is responsible for the ongoing implementation of the project. The committee consists of an independent board of directors and more than one executive Composition, all members are celebrities.WRAP assesses compliance with the production plant compliance guidelines, approves independent inspectors and verifies that the plant has complied with the WRAP Principles.

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