Factory license Disney FAMA application note

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Disney requires licensees and suppliers to submit Disney FAMA applications for each factory that must be declared. Disney FAMA application specifies the name and location of the plant you are using to produce Disney branded products. You must submit a Disney FAMA application to Disney for each facility to be used for the production of Disney branded products.

Additional documents If requested, the licensor and supplier must also submit a qualified pre-production ILS review with the Disney FAMA application to demonstrate compliance with the MCS requirements.

Disney issued by FAMA:
Disney will evaluate each Disney FAMA application based on information provided by the licensee or supplier to Disney (or Disney through other means). If the plant receives a production license, Disney will provide FAMA issued by Disney to the licensee or supplier.

Do not start producing any Disney branded products until you receive FAMA from Disney. Disney's FAMA is also used as a customs clearance document.