What Is BSI Certification

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 "Kite" logo is a unique registered trademark BSI, domestic and foreign manufacturers can apply for use.Companies that use this logo must not only comply with the requirements of the relevant BS standards,And must have a quality assurance system in line with BS-5790 (ISO9000 family of quality assurance model standard can also be), in the certification process, but also to assess the use of the safety of the product, must meet the BS standard safety requirements or other Of the safety requirements.Application and approval methods and the "kite" logo approach is basically the same, also adapted to domestic and foreign enterprises currently have more than 20 countries and regions, about 130 kinds of products using the two signs. They are Germany, France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, New Zealand, Japan, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Rhodesia, South Africa, Liechtenstein, Hong Kong, BS-5790 (or ISO9000) on the enterprise's quality assurance system to evaluate, but does not require products must use BS standards. As of 91 years BSI to assess the registered business of about 12,000 this certification is designed for electronic components for quality assessment.BS9000 for domestic, CECC for most countries in Western Europe, and IECQ is applicable to the international, its purpose is to improve the quality and reliability of electronic components to ensure the quality of electronic equipment This assessment system is the quality of the warehouse inventory And management methods to evaluate. The product of this mark indicates that the manufacture, storage, packaging and handling of its products have reached a high level.

BSI certification by the third party application process:
1, the first consultation --- the applicant to provide business profiles and to verify the status of products such as description: product model, name, parts table, drawings, Working principle diagram, technical parameters table, instructions and other information.

2, the establishment of agency relations --- the principal and the agent signed an agency agreement, and further in the form of a written contract to clarify the responsibilities, powers and obligations to ensure that the two sides in the process of application can be closely with the application work so that the smooth start Expected purpose. At the same time, the proxy letter must be submitted to the BSI to prove that the applicant has been entrusted by the legal basis.

3, the official application form and structural parameters table --- is an important document to apply for BSI, the applicant can provide relevant information commissioned by the agency to do the translation work, after the applicant signed and sent BSI.

4, application confirmation --- BSI received the official application form and structural parameters table, about 2-4 weeks of the application in writing to confirm, and send invoices, factory inspection questionnaire and other information.

5, send samples --- BSI application is confirmed at the same time, will inform the specific requirements of the sample and its test based on the relevant standards. The agent will assist the applicant in obtaining the relevant standards, clarify all relevant test items, test methods and so on. After the completion of the sample must be required by the standard self-test or sent to the relevant domestic laboratory forecast. After passing the test, the sample can be safely and accurately sent to BSI for inspection by Speedpost.

6, factory inspection --- before the distribution of the factory review and certification after the regular or irregular supervision review. Prior to the plant review, the agency assists the manufacturer in self-examination of the production facility, the laboratory equipment, the metering and the entire quality system against the BSI requirements. If the review, the inspectors made rectification requirements, the factory as soon as possible to study the corrective measures and the rapid implementation of the implementation until the re-qualified.

7, certification --- in the factory inspection passed the premise, if the sample test qualified, the BSI will notice the results, BSI certificate will soon be issued.

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