What is the quality management system?

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What is the quality management system?

Quality management system certification is based on the quality management system standards, by the quality management system certification body of the quality management system to implement the assessment, and through the issuance of system certification to prove that an organization has the ability to provide products according to the requirements of the activities.

Quality management system certification, also known as quality management system registration. This kind of certification was developed by the quality assurance activities of the US military enterprises. In 1959, the US Department of Defense proposed quality assurance requirements to the military enterprises under the Ministry of Defense Supply, requiring the contractor to meet all the areas and processes required for the contract Such as design, development, manufacture, processing, assembly, inspection, testing, maintenance, packing, storage and installation), and provides two uniform models for the quality assurance system: Military MIL-Q-9858A "Quality Outline Requirements" and Military Standard MIL-I-45208 "Inspection System Requirements".The Contractor shall prepare the Quality Assurance Manual in accordance with these two models and shall implement them effectively. The government should gradually check and assess the implementation of the document. This is actually the prototype of the modern second-party quality system audit.

Later, the experience of the US military enterprises was quickly adopted by other industrialized military departments, and gradually extended to the civilian industry, flourishing in the Western countries through several years of practice, 1980 ISO decided to set up a "quality assurance technical committee" (TC176) to develop on the quality assurance and quality management of the international common standards, which led to the birth of the ISO9000 family standards, improve the quality assurance system certification system.