The source of children's blood lead.

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 Children's exposure to lead in daily life is manifold. There is data showing that infants who suck their fingers into the dust each day can feed into the dust 0.1 ~ 0.5 g, while the dust is rich in lead. The printed word on the food bag and the colored ink on the food bag also contain a lot of lead. Paint, ceramic articles and living utensils painted on the walls contain lead, especially the lead in life utensils can be dissolved by acidic food. Eat foods that are high in lead, such as eggs and puffed food. In addition, such as car exhaust, atmospheric environment pollution is also children lead poisoning of the pencil, text books and other printed materials, teaching AIDS, stationery, tableware, cosmetics and so on all leaded, children all contact with lead paint not become children lead poisoning "murderer" is that many parents of the unexpected. In fact, most of the paint contains about 5% of the lead, and the old residential wall paint contains up to 20 percent lead, and children tend to eat a lot of lead because they eat the paint. In addition, children are often exposed to toys or school supplies painted on the surface, while about a third of toys contain high levels of soluble lead, which is up to 40 times higher. Lead may be accompanied by a large number of children's hand - mouth movement absorbed lead absorption pathway.

(1) absorption of digestive tract. Children have more hand - mouth movement, lead is high in the mouth, hand - mouth approach is an important way for infants and children to contact lead. The proportion of lead absorbed by children in this pathway is about 85% (2) respiratory absorption. Lead dust is mostly 1 meters from the ground and concentration is higher than 1 meter above 16 times, in line with children's breathing zone height, therefore, children breathe through absorption of lead is much higher than adults (3) the skin absorption. When we are exposed to organic lead, lead is absorbed directly into the skin.