Coca-Cola supplier guidelines.

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 Coca-Cola supplier guidelines.

The supplier guidance principle (SGP) is the cornerstone of the Coca-Cola company's human rights and workplace responsibility program. We believe that good corporate citizenship spirit is extremely important to the long-term success of our company, and must be reflected in throughout the us and our authorized direct supplier relationships and behavior in the workplace.
We recognize that affect the laws, customs and practices around the world economic situation is different, we believe that Shared values must be the Coca-Cola company and its suppliers, the relationship between the first start is committed to respect the promise of all human rights. The supplier guiding principles to promote our values and expectations, emphasizes the importance of responsible workplace policies and practices, these policies and practices at least comply with applicable environmental laws and local labor laws and regulations. Following principles reflected in our own policy, stick to the values, at the same time, we hope our suppliers directly follows the spirit of the guidelines and objectives, to ensure respect for human rights for all.
Freedom of association and collective bargaining.
Respect employees' right to join, form or not join the union without fear of reprisal, intimidation or harassment. If employees join legally recognized unions, we are committed to engaging in constructive dialogue with representatives of their free choice and negotiating with these representatives in good faith.
Ban on child labor
Comply with the minimum age requirement for applicable laws and regulations.
Forced labor and abuse of workers are prohibited.
Ban to physical abuse of workers, the use of any form of forced labor, including prison Labour, indentured Labour, bonded Labour, army labor and slave labor and any form of human trafficking.
Eliminate discrimination
Maintain a workplace free of discrimination or physical/verbal harassment. Recruitment, employment, placement, training, salary and promotion should be based on qualifications, performance, skills and experience.
Hours and wages
The compensation paid to employees is comparable to that of the industry and the local labor market. The operation of the company is fully compliant with applicable salary, working hours, overtime and welfare laws, providing skills training opportunities for employees and providing opportunities for promotion as much as possible.
Provide a safe and healthy workplace.
Provide a reliable, safe and healthy workplace. Minimize accidents, reduce injuries, reduce health risks, and maintain an efficient workplace.
To protect the environment
Conduct business in an environmentally friendly manner. Comply with applicable environmental laws, regulations and regulations.
Business reputation
Adhere to the principle of good faith when carrying out business, respect relevant laws, avoid bribery and fraud.
Grievance procedures and remedies.
Provide workers with an appeal mechanism that does not have to worry about retaliation, ensuring that doubts are properly addressed in a timely manner.
Management system
An effective and efficient control system to ensure compliance and respect for all human rights.
Comply with applicable laws and standards.
We want our suppliers to keep our commitment to respect all human rights. The supplier of Coca Cola company and the authorized supplier of Coca Cola company should meet the following criteria at least as a whole:
Laws and regulations
The supplier shall comply with all applicable laws, regulations, regulations and requirements of the local and domestic sectors in the production and distribution of our products and materials, as well as in the provision of services.
Child labor
The supplier will comply with all applicable child labor laws locally and domestically.
Forced labor
Suppliers do not use forced labor, bonded Labour, prison Labour, military or forced Labour, and any form of human trafficking.
Labor abuses
Suppliers will comply with local and domestic applicable laws relating to employee abuse and will not physically abuse employees.
Freedom of association and collective bargaining.
The supplier will comply with all applicable laws relating to freedom of association and collective bargaining of the local and domestic parties.
The supplier will comply with all applicable discrimination laws in the local and domestic areas.
Wages and benefits
The supplier will comply with all applicable local and domestic wage and welfare laws.
Working hours and overtime
The supplier will comply with all applicable working hours and overtime laws locally and domestically.
Health and safety
The supplier will comply with all applicable health and safety laws locally and domestically.
The environment
The supplier will comply with all applicable environmental laws locally and domestically.
Business reputation
The supplier will comply with all applicable local and domestic laws and will not resort to bribery or fraud.
Compliance certificate
The supplier shall be able to comply with the requirements of the Coca-Cola company to demonstrate compliance with the supplier guidelines and to the extent that coke is satisfied.
If the standards set by the international Labour organization's eight basic conventions are higher than those of the local law, suppliers need to meet the standards of the international Labour organization. These minimum requirements are part of the agreement between Coca-Cola and its direct and authorized suppliers. We want our suppliers to establish and implement appropriate internal business processes to ensure compliance with the supplier guidelines.
The company routinely employs independent third parties to assess compliance with SGP. The assessment usually includes confidential interviews with employees and non-employees at the site. If the supplier fails to comply with any aspects of SGP requirements, the company hopes that the supplier will implement corrective measures. The company reserves the right to terminate the agreement with the supplier who cannot prove its compliance with SGP requirements.