Children's Toys Lesson Plans

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Teaching objectives:
1, through the students' activity toy interviews to understand the development and changes of toys, toys characteristics of species, protection and collection of toys and the like.
2, by collecting toys, display, communication features and play toys, collection methods and other activities, students of observation and expression ability. Pay attention to guide students to develop health and playing with toys after playing with toys to properly imitate the good habits.
3, by sharing toys with others, to experience the fun toys to life and inspire students to explore the scientific interest in toys, were playing with toys to give and love of education.
Teaching focus: to understand the development and changes of toys and rational management of their own toys, toy experience the fun of traditional toys to collect relevant information
Teaching difficult: The collection of traditional toys.
Teaching Preparation: For information on traditional toys, toys of their own data, they do not like old toys.
Teaching Content: Our Toys
Teaching objectives: emotional attitudes and values: Experience the fun toys to life
Knowledge and skills:
1, able to clearly describe their toys fun.
2, to gather information on traditional toys.
Process and Methods:
1, through the "Toys & My Story" is an activity toy for students to experience the fun of life.
2, by talking to stimulate student interest in collecting traditional toys.
First, the introduction of teaching
Talk: Everyone has their favorite toys, today we have to talk about the "fun toy."

Blackboard: fun toys
Second, the new teaching

1, toy with my story
Talk: Students of many toys, you select one of your favorite toys in these toys introduced to Hello everyone What? We held a "toy with me," the story bar
Blackboard: Toys & I
Talk: We can tell my story with toys from the following two aspects
1, your toys have those fun-characteristic?
2, playing with this toy in the process that you and your family and even toys, something interesting happened between friends?

Talk: give us two minutes to follow the problem posed by the teacher to organize your story.
Boot: Listen to the floor to help students sort out hierarchy. Refining phase out the characteristics of toys

Blackboard: Toys features
Summary: students these toys really interesting.
2, to understand traditional toys
Talk: We can now see some of the toys, and some of our parents, grandparents and even appeared a long time ago, become the toy that is traditional toy.
Blackboard: Traditional Toys
Talk: For example: diabolo, eat chicken rice
Talk: smart people playing with toys in the process of continuous improvement materials, production methods, innovative new gameplay, although some traditional toys now see, but we can still be able to see our toys traditional toys Features see their shadow. For example: plush toys, tiger pillows.
Third exercise
Talk:So what are our traditional toys? These traditional toys with toys we now have any contact it?
Talk: To solve this problem you need to complete the following tasks.
About: a survey of parents, when they play with small toys What is your name, what, what are the features. You can also consult the book with the help of parents, the Internet search.
2, thinking: you to investigate the kind of traditional toys and the kind of toys are now quite similar? What are they same, different