How to buy nice Plush toys?

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Hairy radiant, Wolf is the children like toys. If you do not care to buy the quality is not guaranteed, "three noes" products, may lead to diarrhea in children, lung infections and other issues. Plush toys inside the filler is qualified, you can grasp the touch touch feel, cleaning is the key to the latter part of maintenance. Invite the Quality Supervision Bureau Yangzhou Quality Supervision Engineer Zhang Tianlu teach you how to buy plush toys.

Plush toys high safety factor? Easy to hide lead to children diarrhea

Studies have shown that an average of 3.2 children around the world every day due to swallowed toy parts caused by suffocation. Plush toys because there is no sharp edges and corners and mechanical parts, by many parents welcome. Cotton is a pure natural fiber, with a natural soft texture, the baby tender skin without any stimulation and side effects, health performance is superior. As the cotton toys durable, in any case toss, it will not break, and easy to clean.

Many parents believe that children play with plush toys without the possibility of devouring parts, so the plush toys classified as safe and sound, this view is not correct. Experts advise, plush toys fabric after dyeing, there is the possibility of excessive heavy metals. Some poor quality plush toys, the surface is very easy to hide dust, bacteria and formaldehyde, in children's play and contact will lead to child allergies, the most common case is the toy bacteria cause children with diarrhea, lung infection. There are some "three no" plush toys are made of harmful chemical fiber filler, these harmful chemicals easily make children cry, from erythema, severe cases can induce skin diseases or other infectious diseases.

How to choose plush toys? Pull grasping pinch look at the fabric to see feel

Plush toys, although visible outside the fabric, tangible, but would like to distinguish between a variety of different fabrics, but not easy. Outer fabric is generally woven by the latitude and longitude, and then attached to a short plush or other plush made, you can use the fingers plucked plush toy surface. Good workmanship with a finger dragging the fabric is not easy hair loss, and imitation or counterfeit goods is very easy to hair loss. This is because the quality of the outer fabric in the weaving process, the latitude and longitude with a very compact, attached plush is not easy to be pulled down.

As plush toys can be seen tangible to the outside fabric, it is generally easy to reduce costs, businesses are mostly made of stuffed stuffed animal stuffing. The difference between the internal filling, the feel at the time of grasping, the resilience of the toy, the uniformity of the natural distribution of the filling, and the degree of contamination of the toy itself after washing.

Zhang Tianlu said that the general market, the main use of the filler at a cost from low to high foam, foam, cotton, PP cotton, PP vacuum cotton, but also to mix one of the two. One of the higher quality of PP cotton, PP vacuum cotton, and the best for the PP vacuum cotton, memory pillow is the use of this material, each of its fibers are hollow. So no matter how to reverse, press, PP vacuum cotton will soon rebound to its original state.

PP cotton resilience and fluffy effect is better than Peng plastic cotton. Peng cotton quality is better than sponge and foam. Zhang Tianlu introduction, now in Yangzhou plush toy market is the use of PP cotton material, some processes according to need, such as the need to shape, bending high, the use of plastic cotton and sponge. "The use of PP cotton or plastic cotton is more for the process needs.Use black cotton and waste, which is prohibited.

The quality of the internal filler has high and low, can grasp the handle to make a preliminary judgment. Foam sponge outside the packing as a filler, than the PP cotton grip when there is a clear sense of stratification, filler uneven distribution; sponge cover Peng plastic cotton, PP cotton grip in the grasp when the degree of soft and hard uneven rebound rate too fast ; Punched cotton than PP cotton in the grip when the pinch feel good, not easy to rebound, grasping pinch after a significant sense of uneven filler distribution.

How to clean plush toys? Coarse soda powder can be cleaned

Plush toys because it is often in contact with children's skin, cleaning is essential. Experts have given several washing methods: coarse salt cleaning method, the dirty plush toys into the plastic bag, add the appropriate amount of coarse salt, and then tied to the mouth, hard to shake. A few minutes later, the toy is clean. The principle is to use the salt that sodium chloride adsorption on the dirt, the salt has a strong disinfection effect, not only cleaning the toys, but also effectively kill bacteria and viruses.

You can also use soda powder cleaning method: the soda powder and dirty plush toys into a large plastic bag, the bag tightly tightened, will gradually find plush toys become clean. Finally, the soda ash becomes dusty due to the adsorption of dust, remove the baking soda can be removed. Of course, you can also use the washing method, pay attention to the plush toy accessories parts with tape, in the laundry bag to choose kneading washing method washing, before cleaning must take the electronic components or batteries out of anti-water damage.

The maintenance of toys seems to be safe and not detached, but the maintenance of good plush toys, can provide security for the baby to avoid the mold, mites pollution, but also extend the life of the toy. After cleaning the dry toys, with a clean comb or similar tools along the direction of the fur comb, to fur smooth, beautiful. With a larger power steam iron gently reciprocating ironing on the villi, there are some sterilization decontamination effect.