Educate children to organize toys

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Toys are children's favorite to play, can not do without things, in the kindergarten from the children every day and these toys together, they not only take the trouble, but also play more experienced, more innovative, play is more Put it down. But after the end of the toy activities, the children are how to clean up the toy? So I developed a rules of activity: play toys after the end of the toys will be packed into the toy box, and finally pack up the child put the toy box back to the toy rack.

After a child's toy activity, Tom put the toy in the box and saw the opposite Jacky not packed up, and took the toy that had been put into the box. Jacky saw the scene quickly threw the toy into the box and reached out and grabbed Tom's box and walked towards the toy rack. Tom rushed to grab Jacky's toy box. They scramble up each other, his mouth kept talking about: I was finally packed up. The original they scrambled for the last one to get a good toy in order to get the toy box back to the toy rack of the opportunity to think that this is to help their teachers to do things, is a capable child. This shows that the children do not fully understand the teacher's rules of activity.

I immediately organized the whole class of children to discuss: "the first to receive a good toy and the last one to pack a good toy, which one is more capable?" "The first good thing to receive a good toy." We said in unison. Then, by discussing, the children have a better understanding of the rules and understand the focus of the rules - to clean up the toys quickly and neatly. My class organized a toy game, including outdoor tires large toys, we also decided to clean up the fast and good group of every child to wear everyone to design a "quick magic" medal.

This is a common little thing, but give us a revelation: only let the children to develop rules of the game, fully understand the meaning of the rules, they will consciously and effectively act according to the rules.