Kong Ming Lock

March 29, 2018 | tags souptoys  china oem toys   | views
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A toy from ancient China.

Without nails and ropes, it is completely supported by its own structural connection. Just like a piece of paper, it can stand upright, showing a seemingly simple but condense extraordinary wisdom.

It originated from the tenon and mortise structure first created in ancient Chinese architecture. The three dimensional pincha instruments inside the convex part (i.e. tenon structure) engagement, very clever. The original wooden structure, the appearance is perfectly cross cube. The Kong Mingsuo type toy is much more, the shape and the internal structure are different, generally are easy to dismantle difficult to install. When assembling, we need to observe carefully, think carefully and analyze its internal structure. It is beneficial to the development of the brain, flexible fingers, and is a very good puzzle toy.

This is a very interesting and amazing toy.