How to choose toys for your baby?

April 2, 2018 | tags toys for kids  The puzzle toy   | views
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 The puzzle toy is different for each age group.

0-3 months baby: baby likes to be able to move, can make the sound of the toy, had better be the baby to lie down can see it move, can hear the beautiful sound of the wooden toy.
3-6 months baby: baby can grasp things, like to lick and can hold the puzzle wooden toys.
6-9 months baby: baby will sit and use both hands, so it's a good time to hit a toy that makes sounds. When the baby crawls, it's better to roll around and play with toys.
9-12 months baby: baby can imitate adult, match the beat of the song to clap hands, shake the body, this time baby likes to be able to use the finger of the toy.
12-18 months: baby loves toys that can be put in and can be taken out, such as building blocks, shape boxes, and telephone shapes.
18-24 months baby: baby likes to move toys, such as books, strollers, music toys and so on, baby likes very much.
24-36 months: the baby likes the toy of the puzzle type, such as the toy that puts together the toy, the string bead son, the puzzle is very suitable.