Kids Classic Toys-Funny Toys Gift Limited part 2

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Barbie common reference price , surprising enough , but compared to SD doll , Americans clearly not Japanese rivals. As the world's most expensive places willing , of course, have  funny toys with the Japanese consumer culture to adapt, so the high price of SD doll came into being. Plus traditional Japanese dolls manufacturing process Guanjue world , SD doll funny toys is naturally the best.

By joining profitable office supplies , office supplies

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 Stationery, office supplies do join , one open office supplies stores Highlights: Channel Integration

Channel integration is office stationery supplies production, distribution companies most critical to solve the most urgent needs most now is an important topic . Office supplies stores , at present , the industry narrow distribution channels , product delivery slower. Office Stationery  Supplies joining the most critical , because the channel structure of this ladder leading to a serious decline in gross profit margin is not conducive to rapid and long-term development of large-scale enterprises . Therefore , the primary business of office stationery supplies channel integration to solve the problem . Channel integration starting from the following strategies :

Ten of the most classic toys Funny Toys Gift can generate part 1

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First, Transformers

Transformers live-action film's release as it has become a people 's collective nostalgia 80s symbol . The 1980s children 's childhood staffing a Transformers custom toys  , and now has become a popular commodity in the market . We can say that Transformers is not just a toy for Chinese children, the first time they accepted the influence of Western culture , is a Western -style education universal values ​​, Optimus Prime, Megatron behavior patterns represented let the Chinese children for the first time on the screen to understand the Western concept of good and evil, although the interpretation of such profiling is somewhat superficial , but this did not affect the status of Transformers in the hearts of children .

Cherish Your Stationery Set

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"Who threw the stationery ? Please come unclaimed ! " Teacher " Hole Boss" ( that hole teachers ) often seem to say such a word. The result? We tend to look at me , I look at you, some students also look at what happened pencil case , you can end a classmate did not go unclaimed . Every time I see something like this ever happened, I would feel waves of pity.

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Chinese Year of the Horse spring, the kids pick their own stationery

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Every school season, bags, pens and notebooks and other school supplies sales are always a hotbed of activity. Today is the winter of the last two days last weekend, the supermarkets are stocked supermarket stationery area, also played a lot of markdowns brand, parents take their kids have to buy to prepare for the new semester. Which Funny Toys Gift cards stationery by the children's favorite.

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The Notes Children Choose Stationery Set

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Driving school began selling  stationery set

With primary and secondary schools have been opening , began selling stationery , and this year some of the shape of toys , stationery and fancystationery fragrance especially by schoolchildren welcome . In this regard , many parents were concerned that such stationery made by stationery manufacturers  will affect the child class attention.

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Change of Chinese Manufacturing to China Brand

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 The Olympic Games , "Made in China " once again attracting global attention .

Chinese -made  funny toys are no exception , in fact, as China's economic transformation, China has experienced children's toy export processing industry , to build its own brand of creative shaping of " magnificent turn ." When children's toys at home and abroad this "cake " bigger and bigger, as China's toy enterprises , like other domestic manufacturing industries faced "heavy door to go abroad ," " butterfly cocoon " after . Click to enter China toy wholesale

Chinese toys "three axes " Cut Out Domestic New Situation

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 Xinhua Guangzhou on April 24 at the 113th power Canton , who occupy the world of Chinese toy industry share Liucheng retired. Constraints on multiple factors at home and abroad , the number of export -oriented companies have a sense of twilight , "hold day is the day ."

LED Advertising Screens in China 's Development

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"In 2014, the city's first piece of Hunan Road  Light Up LED advertising screen appears . Despite a late start , but in recent years , increased the number of LED advertising screen number ." Cityscape Department Director of Urban Management Bureau Ma Liangqi introduction, the latest statistics display , LED advertising screen in the main city currently has more than 40 , mostly in Xinjiekou , Hunan Road and other trade industry developed downtown .

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LED Tree Lights

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 LED tree lights

LED tree lights referred to as LED or LED simulation tree landscape tree . led tree lights and the use of modern technology in the processing of new materials formed Trunk leaves simulation material . As technology becomes more sophisticated Party Lights , it is energy-saving , high brightness , bright colors, long life , modeling realistic.