As a Disney Audit plastic factory,we would like to inform you the related health issues might inferred.

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 As a Disney  Audit plastic factory,we would like to inform  you the related health issues might inferred.

Because children are smaller and are therefore less able to process chemicals than adults, they are especially sensitive to environmental toxins.The World Health Organization has stated that vinyl chloride is a carcinogen. The National Toxicology Program also recently labeled the dioxins released from PVC plastic as "known human carcinogens," and studies have shown that they may cause reproductive problems. Phthalates in PVC can damage the liver, kidneys, lungs, and reproductive system, particularly the developing testes, according to animal studies.In fact, Europe banned phthalates in plastic toys in 2005, citing the toxic chemicals carcinogenic, mutagenic, and reprotoxic effects.Lead, which is added to PVC, causes nerve damage.

Funny Toys Gift Limited is a fast growing multi-category company

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Funny Toys Gift Limited is a fast growing multi-category company known for an exciting array of affordable branded and licensed products.  Funny Toys Gift products in the Disney figurine,Disney promotional gift,Licensed items,etc.  Our high quality products capture the imaginations of children, expand the minds of students and stimulate the creativity of adults.  All of Funny Toys Gift products provide high quality at an exceptional value. 
Funny Toys Gift also does extensive development for Disney Parks and Resorts producing a variety of product including figurines, play sets, vehicles, souvenirs and more. 

Funny toys gift Limited is a disney audit resin manufacturer

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 Our mission:

-----To enhance and simplify the delivery of polyresin products and solutions.
-----To provide you with competitive price, good quality products and increased your profitability.
-----We offer real solutions . . . and deliver real results. 



Since the foundation as a manufacturer of polyresin products in 2002, Made-of-Polyresin Arts & Crafts Limited has been one of specialized polyresin manufacturers in the arts & crafts field. Our company is located in Quanzhou City, near the Xiamen Port. We are doing business with customers on the basis of the reasonable price, good quality, delivery goods in time.

Disney audit promotion gift manufacturer

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 Our factory is Disney audit promotion gift manufacturer,our goal is to make your promotion successful!  Our job is to make your brand sizzle!  We pride ourselves in innovative concepts and engaging promotions.  We create unique and engaging premiums to support the goal of your promotion.  We are well versed in all aspects of custom premium manufacturing including concepting, prototypes, licensing, quality assurance, safety testing and overseas shipping.

With over 10 years of combined marketing, promotions and promotion product experience, we have the expertise and resources to create and execute flawless programs with premiums that excite your audience and ignite your brand while meeting your budget and safety requirements.

Disney audit promotion gift supplier

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 Our factory is Disney audit promotion gift supplier Which can produce in any medium - plastic, standard paper, plush, inflatables, electronics, 2-D paper and lenticular to name a few.  We love coming up with cool new premiums and employing new technologies whenever possible!

When logoed merchandise is needed to support a program, funny toys gift offers very competitive pricing due to our production volume with thousands of promotional product capacity.  We can brand just about anything!

We believe loyalty and rewards programs support your promotions efforts - either for your staff or for your consumer.  We create and implement loyalty and reward programs on an in-house platform!  Loyalty programs have never been so easy!

Funny Toys Gift always adheres to the tenet of "credit first, quality first and customer first"

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 Funny Toys Gift Limited established in 2000, manufacturer specializes in designing, production, and selling various plastic toys and products. 

According to so many year developing,we are a Disney licensed  factory. We will get Disney code soon, we are applying now. We production a lot of Disney Items in our factory, including resin figures,disney promotional gift,disney toys,disney stationery,etc

Funny Toys Gift always adheres to the tenet of "credit first, quality first and customer first". All the characteristics of our products are in accordance with the CE EN-71, American ASTM-F963 and Japanese ST Toy Safety Detection Standards. The quality of our toys has achieved international advanced level and we have obtained ISO9001:2000 certificate. We would keep producing new products to meet with the different demands of customers on toys. 

Funny toys gift Limited is a Disney audited manufacturer for years

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Now,we want to share the  Disney ILS Audit  Checklist to you: 
1. What is the age of the youngest worker in this facility? 
2. Are there any work experience programs for school age children? 
3. Are there restrictions for workers under 18? 

we are resin figures manufacturers which is Disney FAMA approved.

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We are the resin figures manufacturers which is Disney FAMA approved.

What are Resin figures?

Resin figures are figures made from resin, a compound which hardens to a resilient, strong material with treatment. Natural or synthetic resins can be used to make resin figures, and resin is a very popular molding and modeling material. There are numerous sources for resin figures, and it is also possible to create them at home with resin casting materials, which are available at many crafts and hobby stores.

I Love Disney Figurines!!

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I love Disney World and I love all Disney characters too!! Disney is a magical place that brings our inner child out! Everyone is a child in Disney World!
Being a huge fan of Disney and Disney characters, I also love Disney figurines!!! They are so colorful, so "happy", so magical, so cute, so wonderful!!
Bring the magic of Disney to your home by collecting cute Disney figurines  !!


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Honest Specifics Around My stuffed toys manufacturer Successes

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 There are many brands of  stuffed toys manufacturers, including Beanie Babies, a line of stuffed beanbag animals, that was started in 1993. Several marketing strategies, such as keeping them at a low price, introducing a wide variety of Beanie Babies, giving them names, birthdays, and personalities, and retiring certain Beanie Babies after a while (thus giving them collector's value) made them widely popular for years after they were introduced..

Several brands of electronic and robotic plush toys were fads when they were first released. These include Tickle Me Elmo, a laughing and shaking plush toy based on the character Elmo from the Sesame Street television show, released in 1996 Furby, a robotic talking plush toy with its own language, released in 1998 and Zhu Zhu Pets, a line of robotic plush hamsters released in 2009.[Webkinz stuffed animals were created by Ganz in 2005. Each Webkinz toy comes with a unique "Secret Code" that gives access to the Webkinz World website and a virtual version of the toy for online play Disney's Club Penguin and Build-A-Bearville from Build-A-Bear Workshop are other online worlds with content that can be unlocked from codes found on associated plush toy suppliers.