What is the quality management system?

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What is the quality management system?

Quality management system certification is based on the quality management system standards, by the quality management system certification body of the quality management system to implement the assessment, and through the issuance of system certification to prove that an organization has the ability to provide products according to the requirements of the activities.


Various factory certification part 5

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WRAP Certification and  Wrap Audit Suppliers and Manufacturers

WRAP is a combination of four word acronym comes . Original is WORLDWIDE RESPONSIBLE ACCREDITED PRODUCTION, Chinese Italian translation is " responsible global garment manufacturing ." Worldwide Responsible Apparel Production Principles of Social Responsibility WRAP Certification Program is involved in the production facilities of the core standards . The project is an independent monitoring and certification industry to meet these global social responsibility standards , and to ensure that products are in lawful , humane and ethical conditions of production . WRAP Certification Program believes factory-based certification is to ensure compliance with the WRAP Production Principles workplace the most effective way . WRAP project will improve workplace conditions placed on the primary responsibility of owning and operating sewn product manufacturing facility owners.