Factory license Disney FAMA application note

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Disney requires licensees and suppliers to submit Disney FAMA applications for each factory that must be declared. Disney FAMA application specifies the name and location of the plant you are using to

Problems Which Lead To Fail For ICTI,BSCI,Disney Fama

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we are resin figures manufacturers which is Disney FAMA approved.

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We are the resin figures manufacturers which is Disney FAMA approved.

What are Resin figures?

Resin figures are figures made from resin, a compound which hardens to a resilient, strong material with treatment. Natural or synthetic resins can be used to make resin figures, and resin is a very popular molding and modeling material. There are numerous sources for resin figures, and it is also possible to create them at home with resin casting materials, which are available at many crafts and hobby stores.