Factory license Disney FAMA application note

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Disney requires licensees and suppliers to submit Disney FAMA applications for each factory that must be declared. Disney FAMA application specifies the name and location of the plant you are using to

WRAP brief introduction

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WRAP brief introductionThe goal of the WRAP certification program is to promote and implement legal, human rights and ethical practices throughout the world and to certify this approach.By participati

CCC certification process and preparation materials

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CCC certification process and preparation materials

The majority of products CCC certification application is in the China Quality Certification Center for certification,There are a few product categories in other certification bodies to apply, such as: car category products can also be certified in the certification of the application; agricultural products in Beijing Oriental Kemu quality certification center to do certification. 3C certification applications are generally used in the certification body to submit electronic materials, such as the submission of materials meet the certification requirements 1-2 working days can be accepted.


Problems Which Lead To Fail For ICTI,BSCI,Disney Fama

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Turn that new plastic item over before you plunk down your cash

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As a Disney Audit Plastic Factory,We would like to  inform  you little tips for how to to choose nontoxic plastic toys generally?

Turn that new plastic item over before you plunk down your cash.

Plastic products are labeled using the resin identification coding system developed by the SPI. To locate these codes, look for a single number surrounded by three chasing arrows that form a triangle, usually on the bottom of a plastic product. Here are the seven codes, as provided by the American Chemistry Council:

Funny Toys Gift Limited is a fast growing multi-category company

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Funny Toys Gift Limited is a fast growing multi-category company known for an exciting array of affordable branded and licensed products.  Funny Toys Gift products in the Disney figurine,Disney promotional gift,Licensed items,etc.  Our high quality products capture the imaginations of children, expand the minds of students and stimulate the creativity of adults.  All of Funny Toys Gift products provide high quality at an exceptional value. 
Funny Toys Gift also does extensive development for Disney Parks and Resorts producing a variety of product including figurines, play sets, vehicles, souvenirs and more. 

Funny toys gift Limited is a Disney audited manufacturer for years

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Now,we want to share the  Disney ILS Audit  Checklist to you: 
1. What is the age of the youngest worker in this facility? 
2. Are there any work experience programs for school age children? 
3. Are there restrictions for workers under 18?