What Is BSI Certification

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 "Kite" logo is a unique registered trademark BSI, domestic and foreign manufacturers can apply for use.Companies that use this logo must not only comply with the requirements of the relevant BS standards,And must have a quality assurance system in line with BS-5790 (ISO9000 family of quality assurance model standard can also be), in the certification process, but also to assess the use of the safety of the product, must meet the BS standard safety requirements or other Of the safety requirements.Application and approval methods and the "kite" logo approach is basically the same, also adapted to domestic and foreign enterprises currently have more than 20 countries and regions, about 130 kinds of products using the two signs. They are Germany, France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, New Zealand, Japan, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Rhodesia, South Africa, Liechtenstein, Hong Kong, BS-5790 (or ISO9000) on the enterprise's quality assurance system to evaluate, but does not require products must use BS standards. As of 91 years BSI to assess the registered business of about 12,000 this certification is designed for electronic components for quality assessment.BS9000 for domestic, CECC for most countries in Western Europe, and IECQ is applicable to the international, its purpose is to improve the quality and reliability of electronic components to ensure the quality of electronic equipment This assessment system is the quality of the warehouse inventory And management methods to evaluate. The product of this mark indicates that the manufacture, storage, packaging and handling of its products have reached a high level.


Various factory certification part 5

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WRAP Certification and  Wrap Audit Suppliers and Manufacturers

WRAP is a combination of four word acronym comes . Original is WORLDWIDE RESPONSIBLE ACCREDITED PRODUCTION, Chinese Italian translation is " responsible global garment manufacturing ." Worldwide Responsible Apparel Production Principles of Social Responsibility WRAP Certification Program is involved in the production facilities of the core standards . The project is an independent monitoring and certification industry to meet these global social responsibility standards , and to ensure that products are in lawful , humane and ethical conditions of production . WRAP Certification Program believes factory-based certification is to ensure compliance with the WRAP Production Principles workplace the most effective way . WRAP project will improve workplace conditions placed on the primary responsibility of owning and operating sewn product manufacturing facility owners.

Various factory certification part 4

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VF Certification and  VF Factory

VF Code of Conduct

 This principle applies to comply with all of VF Corporation or any subsidiary, division or alliance for production of goods factory , workshop is included with the VF itself , or its contractors , agents and suppliers owned and operated workshop , the following collectively referred to as "VF authorized workshop ." VF learned that plant operators around the world where there will exist different legal and cultural environment, the principle is that in order to achieve compliance with best practices and continuous transformation , or the compliance with principles similar documents must be translated into the local language understood by employees and notices in all major places of work .