CCC certification process and preparation materials

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CCC certification process and preparation materials

The majority of products CCC certification application is in the China Quality Certification Center for certification,There are a few product categories in other certification bodies to apply, such as: car category products can also be certified in the certification of the application; agricultural products in Beijing Oriental Kemu quality certification center to do certification. 3C certification applications are generally used in the certification body to submit electronic materials, such as the submission of materials meet the certification requirements 1-2 working days can be accepted.


Various factory certification part 3

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Wal-Mart Certification and  Walmart Factory Audit

 Wal-Mart factory inspection company is a famous Chinese international certification consulting brand [ 1 ] , a leading global supply chain security services, the brand team comprises BV, ITS, SGS and well-known companies (Wal-Mart, Disney) senior staff.