The benefits of playing with puzzle toys.

May 23, 2018 Views
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 In the early stage of study, I like to play with the children around, and share the fun of activities together, so that I can buy the building blocks of "doll house". Inner world is very rich, can buy the material such as dough, paper cloth, let children make their own toys, do some creative games; To their intimate toys like human emotions, like dolls, plush animal is their best choice soon after 3 years old baby height and body are long, we recommend movement to expand class products, to promote bone growth, and space of simple interpersonal relationship and mathematical logic and thinking in the combination of simple building blocks, wooden toys products can enhance children's ability of; Basis for learning, such as letters, Numbers, or design) of early learning toys, help the baby as soon as possible the development of intelligence in the process of playing, constantly seeking new information, new experience and new challenges, have a strong sense of responsibility, like social networking. Suitable for children such as DIY model and handicrafts, chess, magic products, etc. By the time the child is six or seven years old, he is becoming more and more interested in reading, writing and simple arithmetic. He can choose some complicated mathematical logic classes, learning machines and other toys. With certain reading ability, it is recommended to recommend reading toys beyond A, B, C or 1, 2 or 3. You can also choose natural cognition, interpersonal relationship and other products to satisfy your child's curiosity about nature and knowledge and the surrounding things, while exploring independence, but playing with other children is very active. This age is the development of special ability, personal interest hobby, can be targeted at children's interest, has the choice of recommended products like: like DIY, magic and demanding a large assembly debugging in the class, need a certain operation function of the toy car, set of intelligent toys, science, etc., some intellectual and creative entertainment toy, can from different aspects to strengthen the child's potential advantage, make up for the disadvantaged children already have a fixed interest at this time, can according to customer's character, hobby is introduced various series of difficult products, can improve the child's challenging and self-confidence. For example, complex models and process sets that contain sharp tools or parts, or require precise assembly; Electric toys containing heating elements and scientific instruments or devices containing complex instructions.