What Is BSI Certification

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 "Kite" logo is a unique registered trademark BSI, domestic and foreign manufacturers can apply for use.Companies that use this logo must not only comply with the requirements of the relevant BS standards,And must have a quality assurance system in line with BS-5790 (ISO9000 family of quality assurance model standard can also be), in the certification process, but also to assess the use of the safety of the product, must meet the BS standard safety requirements or other Of the safety requirements.Application and approval methods and the "kite" logo approach is basically the same, also adapted to domestic and foreign enterprises currently have more than 20 countries and regions, about 130 kinds of products using the two signs. They are Germany, France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, New Zealand, Japan, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Rhodesia, South Africa, Liechtenstein, Hong Kong, BS-5790 (or ISO9000) on the enterprise's quality assurance system to evaluate, but does not require products must use BS standards. As of 91 years BSI to assess the registered business of about 12,000 this certification is designed for electronic components for quality assessment.BS9000 for domestic, CECC for most countries in Western Europe, and IECQ is applicable to the international, its purpose is to improve the quality and reliability of electronic components to ensure the quality of electronic equipment This assessment system is the quality of the warehouse inventory And management methods to evaluate. The product of this mark indicates that the manufacture, storage, packaging and handling of its products have reached a high level.


Best Suggestions To Choose Good Toys For Toddlers

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These days it has become very easy to choose good toys for your toddlers, because a wide variety of things are available in the market. Try to choose toys for your toddlers that would help in the development of their physical, emotional, language and creative skills. Some toys that you can consider are toddler puzzles, stacking blocks, pounding toys, stuff toys, construction toys and wooden building blocks.

What Toys Do Children Really Need?

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In a consumer driven world it is easy to see how we can get sucked in to the mindset of having to buy more and more for our children. There is a lot of pressure put on parents to aid their child’s development and challenge their cognitive abilities by purchasing the latest all singing, all dancing “educational” toy. And to top it all off, the advertisers have gone to great lengths to sink their claws directly into our little ones, to entice them into desiring their product and to ask for each and every item.


Kids Classic Toys-Funny Toys Gift Limited part 2

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Barbie common reference price , surprising enough , but compared to SD doll , Americans clearly not Japanese rivals. As the world's most expensive places willing , of course, have  funny toys with the Japanese consumer culture to adapt, so the high price of SD doll came into being. Plus traditional Japanese dolls manufacturing process Guanjue world , SD doll funny toys is naturally the best.

Change of Chinese Manufacturing to China Brand

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 The Olympic Games , "Made in China " once again attracting global attention .

Chinese -made  funny toys are no exception , in fact, as China's economic transformation, China has experienced children's toy export processing industry , to build its own brand of creative shaping of " magnificent turn ." When children's toys at home and abroad this "cake " bigger and bigger, as China's toy enterprises , like other domestic manufacturing industries faced "heavy door to go abroad ," " butterfly cocoon " after . Click to enter China toy wholesale

Chinese toys "three axes " Cut Out Domestic New Situation

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 Xinhua Guangzhou on April 24 at the 113th power Canton , who occupy the world of Chinese toy industry share Liucheng retired. Constraints on multiple factors at home and abroad , the number of export -oriented companies have a sense of twilight , "hold day is the day ."

Insecure Plush Toys For Children Need Pay More Attention

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 Stuffed toys are also the plush toys, by which you'll find the particular padding components including a myriad of chemical substance fibers, 100 % cotton, plush as well as brief fiber. Without