How to Choose a Gift for Your Friends

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1.Know your friend's interest.
If s/he loves dogs, it's useless to buy him/her a toy cat. If s/he is allergic to cheese, it wouldn't be nice to give him/her some cheddar cheese as a gift.If you are a very good friend or a close one then you probably know their likes and dislikes but in case its a new friendship and you don't know all that much then check out his/her Facebook profile or any other social networking profile,he/she may have mentioned something in there. If that's not enough, then talk to his/her other friends or better parents, siblings. Or ask him/her indirectly. Ask what is the best gift that he/she has ever received or the worst. You'll probably get some idea. All you need to do is observe and do some research regarding your friend that's all.
2.Make a budget.
The rule is: The older and closer you are to him/her, the more expensive. That doesn't mean that you have to buy him/her a car. It means that if you aren't that good friends, you don't need to buy him/her such a costly present. A keychain, notepad or pen would be an ideal gift if your budget isn't that big. Or you can simply make something for your friend. Put your own creativity to good use. Your friend will be really happy to see that you have put your time and effort just for him/her.
3.Take someone along with you.
While you are shopping for the gift take someone along with you if you want. If the person is a common friend then its even better. As he/she will be able to help you make a choice. Because at times we tend get confused in the gift shop because of so many choices. try to see what she really wants to save
4.Wrap it.
The wrapping does count. If you wrap it up with newspapers, that doesn't seem too attractive. Tie it up with a ribbon,use some stickers,glitters,write a nice and sweet message in calligraphic handwriting if the space permits and that'll be perfect.
5.Include a note or a card.
No anonymous people here. It is rude to have people guessing about the giver. Again you can write nice and short and sweet message on the card. Or a write a poem if your friend is that special. It will make his/her day.
6.Record it.
If there is absolutely nothing you are able to come with then simply record a nice message and gift that CD to your friend.


7.Give it to the person directly.
Don't ask someone to be the postman unless one of you lives in Canada and the other in Florida. You'd definitely need a postman then.



  • Make sure your friends won't be unhappy with your gift. For instance, if your friend is a of a particular nationality, and you give him/her a joke book on that nationality, he or she probably won't like it very much.
  • Sometimes cards are more meaningful than the actual gift. Write about how much you appreciate your friend, it'll stand out.