The Notes Children Choose Stationery Set

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Driving school began selling  stationery set

With primary and secondary schools have been opening , began selling stationery , and this year some of the shape of toys , stationery and fancystationery fragrance especially by schoolchildren welcome . In this regard , many parents were concerned that such stationery made by stationery manufacturers  will affect the child class attention.

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Change of Chinese Manufacturing to China Brand

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 The Olympic Games , "Made in China " once again attracting global attention .

Chinese -made  funny toys are no exception , in fact, as China's economic transformation, China has experienced children's toy export processing industry , to build its own brand of creative shaping of " magnificent turn ." When children's toys at home and abroad this "cake " bigger and bigger, as China's toy enterprises , like other domestic manufacturing industries faced "heavy door to go abroad ," " butterfly cocoon " after . Click to enter China toy wholesale

Chinese toys "three axes " Cut Out Domestic New Situation

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 Xinhua Guangzhou on April 24 at the 113th power Canton , who occupy the world of Chinese toy industry share Liucheng retired. Constraints on multiple factors at home and abroad , the number of export -oriented companies have a sense of twilight , "hold day is the day ."

LED Advertising Screens in China 's Development

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"In 2014, the city's first piece of Hunan Road  Light Up LED advertising screen appears . Despite a late start , but in recent years , increased the number of LED advertising screen number ." Cityscape Department Director of Urban Management Bureau Ma Liangqi introduction, the latest statistics display , LED advertising screen in the main city currently has more than 40 , mostly in Xinjiekou , Hunan Road and other trade industry developed downtown .

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LED Tree Lights

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 LED tree lights

LED tree lights referred to as LED or LED simulation tree landscape tree . led tree lights and the use of modern technology in the processing of new materials formed Trunk leaves simulation material . As technology becomes more sophisticated Party Lights , it is energy-saving , high brightness , bright colors, long life , modeling realistic.

China Stationery Development Strategy

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 Looking at the domestic stationery companies around the country after years of Ebb Tide, has been basically formed as the representative of Ningbo in the Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta, Shantou two industries represented by circles . Ningbo has such extensive , effective, Binbin , shellfish and other domestic and international famous hair stationery business , Shantou has such concerted , Ya -fu and other famous brands


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LED Variety of Applications

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 LED variety of applications :

LED applications can be divided into three categories : LCD screen backlight , LED lighting , LED display( Party Lights Holiday Lights   etc ).
1 , small size 1.5 -inch to 3.5 -inch LCD screen backlight :
Such as mobile phones , PDA, MP3 / 4 and other portable devices to LED LCD screens require backlight.
2,7 inch LCD screen backlight ( such as digital photo frames ) :
3 , large backlit LCD screen ( such as the LCD TV / Monitor, Laptop ) :
Currently, most LCD TV / Monitor, laptop LCD screens are used in fluorescent tubes do CCFL backlight CCFL reasons due to adverse life , and environmental protection are now facing with LED backlight development. Press the LCD screen size generally require tens to hundreds of white LED backlighting , LED driver IC market and its potential to be great.
4, LED Flashlight:
Small power LED flashlight, Light Up LED ,LED flashlight , LED miner's lamp .


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Wikipedia Description Pencil Case

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Pencil Case

Basic Information

Name : pencil-case ( stationery kits ) pencil-box ( stationery )
No iron too fancy stationery above pattern cool pencil case , as opposed to wood and plastic pencil case , the iron is not easily deformed , damaged, while it is very practical , very suitable for students to use.
Plastic stationery bright colors, rich patterns , but no iron stationery and drop, resistance to deformation . It is very popular among schoolchildren of all ages in the mass market, and even college students sometimes use .
Wooden stationery is now very rare, it is inscribed with a variety of graphics, but the students often do not use it, because the color is too monotonous, so now it is increasingly rare wooden stationery .
There is also a stationery use cloth , really called " Pencil " is a primary school in recent years , " stationery darling ." It is easy to carry , but also very practical, very suitable for our children to use.


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Office Stationery Set Manufacturer in China

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Stationery is a pen , ink, paper , ink and other stationery in general. Means , such as ink , paper and ink used for calligraphy and poetry and learning materials. Modern interpretation should refer to the commonly used some modern office stationery : pen, pen , pen, pencil, pen ,stationery set , etc. ; and pen holder and other ancillary supplies. Other office supplies include : office paper, paper cutter , ruler , notebooks, paper bags, file covers, calculators and so on.

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LED Products-LED Lights

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LED (Light Emitting Diode, referred to as LED, Chinese name is called light-emitting diodes. ) Refers to the LED lights with ribbon assembly in FPC ( flexible printed circuit board ) or PCB hard board , because the product is shaped like a ribbon-like named.