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 Stationery is an important tool for students. They need to use stationery every day.

Good stationery can make students more comfortable in the process of learning.

Children's toys

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 Children's toys can mobilize the enthusiasm of children's activities. The physical and mental development of children is realized in activities. Toys can be freely played, manipulated and applied to children, in accordance with the child's psychological interest and ability level. It can satisfy their needs of activities and improve their enthusiasm. For example, "rocking horse" toys, children will naturally ride on, back and forth swinging, satisfying their activity requirements, but also make them have a positive and happy mood, so they are not tired. Such as "doll" toys, can cause children to do a variety of activities, each age children according to their own life experience, using dolls to play games, can be simple to complex, varied.


How to choose toys for your baby?

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 The puzzle toy is different for each age group.

0-3 months baby: baby likes to be able to move, can make the sound of the toy, had better be the baby to lie down can see it move, can hear the beautiful sound of the wooden toy.