Various factory certification part 1

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ICTI Certification and ICTI Audit Factory

 ICTI is the abbreviation of the International Council of Toy Industries. The Association was founded in 1974, which includes 20 countries and regions, toy trade associations. Because China produces 80% of toys sold in Western countries, it has become the focus of the association. ICTI is a member of the International Council of Toy Industries, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Chinese Taipei, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, China, Hungary, Italy, Russia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom and United States. 

At present, only factory in China need to be ICTI certification. ICTI certificate class were: Class A, Class A (60-hour workweek), Class B, Class C and observed five kinds of certificates; if a factory after Intertek audit, it can prove that he has 

ICTI match of the "Code of Business Conduct", which will be awarded this certificate. ICTI monitoring checklists, guidance documents and the "Code of Business Conduct" can be downloaded from the following Web site to obtain ICTI.

BSCI Certification and BSCI Approved Factory
Full name is the Business Social Compliance Initiative BSCI Business Social Compliance Initiative organization require the company 's worldwide production plant , the use of BSCI monitoring system to continually improve standards of social responsibility . Required audits . Another is the Cisco Certified Senior Network Support Engineer .

BSCI Certification Features

1 a certification to meet different customers , reduce foreign customers, suppliers second party audit , cost savings ;

(2) a greater degree of compliance with local regulatory requirements ;
3 To establish international credibility , improve corporate image ;
4 to make consumer products to create a positive emotion ;
5 solid cooperation with the buyers , and expand new markets
Benefits of BSCI Certification

1 to fulfill requirements of the guests .
(2) a certification to meet different customers - reducing different buyers at different times for the number of audits .
3 enhance the image and position.
4 . Improve the management system .
5 . Improve relations with employees .
6 . Improve productivity to increase profits.
7 Minimize the potential business risks such as injury and even death , legal proceedings or orders .
8 for the long-term development has laid a solid foundation.

BSCI united global 1055 ( as of May 9, 2013 ) enterprises around a common code of conduct , and to support their efforts toward moral construction supply chain , to provide them with a step by step development-oriented social responsibility system , applies to all sectors and all purchases countries.
Members include global retailers, brands and multinational purchasing groups, associations , and so on.

Disney FAMA Certification and Disney FAMA Audit Factory
Began to produce Disney-branded products in the prior authorization and suppliers must submit to the Disney "production grant application" ( hereinafter referred to as "FAMA"), in order to declare its desire to produce Disney-branded products every factory and get Disney written authorization . Disney , if required , authorization and suppliers must also begin production of any Disney-branded products to submit a qualified pre-production ILS assessment to demonstrate compliance with MCS requirements. Authorization and suppliers will be notified , without being informed of their specific constraints permit procurement country / region you want to comply with this requirement. ( See review an ILS , for details ) .

Production authorization card (FAMA) for Disney requires authorization and suppliers providing each plant must be submitted to declare FAMA applications. FAMA indicate that you want to apply for the production of Disney-branded products factory name and location. You must each be used to produce Disney-branded products to the Disney factory submit a FAMA applications. ( See Appendix for the production authorization permit application instructions ) . Additional documents , if required , authorization and suppliers must also submit an application accompanied by FAMA qualified pre-production ILS assessment to demonstrate compliance with MCS requirements. If the plant is located under special conditions to the license purchase country / region , all FAMA application must also include special conditions prove its compliance with the applicable documents .
       FAMA Disney issued will be based on authorization or suppliers to submit to Disney ( or Disney obtained by other means ) information to evaluate each FAMA applications. If the factory to get the production license , the Disney authorized or suppliers will offer Disney issued by FAMA. Disney issued FAMA received before , do not start producing any Disney-branded products. Disney issued FAMA is also used as customs clearance documents .