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Driving school began selling  stationery set

With primary and secondary schools have been opening , began selling stationery , and this year some of the shape of toys , stationery and fancy stationery fragrance especially by schoolchildren welcome . In this regard , many parents were concerned that such stationery made by stationery manufacturers  will affect the child class attention  .

Yesterday, the reporter interviewed found that most supermarkets are selling products as stationery set , in the supermarket entrance or position counter striking set of stationery and promotional publicity shot cheap tabloid . On the counter , the reporter saw stationery whether erasers, pencils, pencil sharpener or a book , stationery, bags have a wide variety , great variety . Pencil sharpener tricks which most, like fruit , vegetables like , animal -like , aircraft -like house -like and so on. Although these " toys " of stationery practicality is not strong, and expensive , but still make a lot of kids put it down. Students are buying a personalized book told reporters , buy the book is not the same thing on behalf of a different personality , these book though not doing their homework, but you can do this or diary excerpt  <a target="_new" rel="nofollow" href="">ucsilicone manufacturer</a>

In addition, some custom stationery products with a strong flavor of the same by the children of all ages. Fruit -flavored ballpoint pen , highlighter cream flavor , rose flavor correction fluid ...... supermarket clerk told reporters , with the scent of the best selling ballpoint pen , these " flavor " stationery prices ranging from a few cents to ten dollars , especially by small girls like it. Reporters found that the smell of a ballpoint pen just called as many as a dozen flavors , apple , lemon, blueberry , coffee and so on , really everything . In addition to pens, notebooks fragrance , correction fluid , eraser , pencil boxes are also being touted . One is the selection of stationery female students said that these scented stationery from  stationery supplies on the bag , the bag is a whole exudes scent, feeling very good

Meanwhile toys stationery , stationery fragrance welcomed by the students , many parents expressed concern. A parent who started the students told reporters that these alternative stationery set not only expensive, but also make kids distracted during class time , but the kids insist on buying , she can not help. In addition, the reporter learned that the fragrance stationery set may contain benzene , aldehydes and other toxic substances in synthetic fragrances, long-term use would adversely affect the human immune system . Experts recommend the best students to use safe, natural stationery.

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