Japanese most often buy magic stationery

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Japanese people are very concerned about personal privacy, there are many documents will not want to let others know the content, so with the shredder to break these documents is a way, but the waste of waste time, but also need to clean up. So it is much easier to protect the stamp with personal information, and the special pattern of the stamp will completely cover any of your personal privacy.


2.self adhesive tape
Because of the special structure of the tape, this tape can only be attached to any side with their own, so stick to other things, very practical! It is possible to use it at any time in daily life.

 self adhesive tape

3.scudding knife
Use this scissors, as long as gently clutching its wooden grip, you can easily cut things. For the relatively small grip of the elderly, with this very convenient, in addition to the edge of the blade with a safety guard, the children are also very safe to use the other time with it to cut things, crisp sound will be spread throughout the sound The room, whether from the appearance or sound on the perfect embodiment of the Japanese design style.

4.Handheld sharpener
The pencil sharpener can turn around, do not need to move in a fixed direction pencil, is not it amazing?

5.Ultra-translucent note stickers
This translucent note stickers best place to use, write the word can be posted on plastic products, such as plastic boxes, plastic bags.Because it is translucent so it can be used to paste in the words you want to highlight the above.

6.Stand bag
Everyone can not find the pen, eraser, ruler and so on when the stationery, if there is a pen holder can put these stationery inside, will find a lot of good. With this can stand on their own pencil pockets, but also to solve the problem of storage can go out at any time.