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The economic downturn this year in the stationery market is very obvious, when a large number of manufacturers upstream due to overcapacity triggered a larger industry reshuffle, whether stationery market or stationery agents are facing a difficult choice.Stationery wholesale market rent, sales bleak, labor costs and other factors, so that this year's industry profits are rapidly swallowed up the cost, businesses are constantly facing the increasingly difficult to survive the space challenge. Some stationery wholesale market and even the phenomenon of businessmen closed down, the situation is not optimistic.

So, stationery wholesale market should be how to do a better way out? Funny Toys Gift Limited suggest that you can break through the following aspects.

Characteristics of business to be inventive:
Stationery industry has been to the reshuffle of the period, the pure price war has no practical significance, marketing model should be to the service, leisure type change. Stationery stores and the game area or anime park is a combination of fashion games and shopping these two elements in depth, will give consumers a more valuable experience, consumers are no longer a simple shopping, and can feel a variety of Interesting life culture.

Change marketing strategy:
Throughout the current performance of some good stores, the marketing work has done the ultimate. Some with the consumer face to face communication; some cooperation with the consulting firm to expand marketing channels; many businesses set up a stationery procurement alliance, with Baotuan way to provide consumers with one-stop products and services ... ... In fact, the purpose of these marketing tools Is One: let the product more intuitively presented in front of consumers, so that consumers first understand the content and function of the product, get recognition.

Relative to the first-line city stationery stores get together phenomenon, three or four lines of urban emerging markets become a lot of big stationery brand new favorite. Stationery industry has been from the first and second tier cities and their radiation to the three or four lines of urban spread, the provincial capital of the stationery industry war is gradually escalating. From the "small city" in the mining "big market" to restore the real economic value, looking for new market opportunities, has become the common goal of enterprises.