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  CE Certification and CE Approved factory

In the past, European countries on the import and sale of the product requirements vary , according to the standard of a country -made goods to other countries is likely not on the CE certification logo City , as part of efforts to eliminate trade barriers , CE certification should be shipped Health . Therefore , CE certification on behalf of the European unification (CONFORMITE EUROPEENNE). In fact, CE certification or European languages ​​in many countries of the " EC " abbreviation of the phrase , the original phrase in English EUROPEAN COMMUNITY abbreviated as EC, because the EC is in the French COMMUNATE EUROPEIA, Italian is COMUNITA EUROPEA, Portuguese is COMUNIDADE EUROPEIA, Spanish is COMUNIDADE EUROPE , etc., so change the EC as CE. Of course, it may wish to CE certification as CONFORMITY WITH EUROPEAN

With CE certification acronym for the symbols affixed CE mark to products that meet the main requirements of the European directive (Essential Requirements), and to confirm that the product has passed the appropriate conformity assessment procedures and / or the manufacturer 's declaration of conformity and truly become the products were allowed to enter the European market permits . For instructions to affix the CE mark certification of industrial products, there is no CE certification mark may not be listed for sale, has been affixed CE mark to market products that do not meet the safety requirements should be ordered to withdraw from the market , continuing violation of Directive CE mark requirements , will be restricted or prohibited from entering the EU market or be forced out of the market .

ISO 9001 Certification and ISO 9001 Audit Factory

ISO9001 quality system certification is a third party ( social certification bodies ) on the supplier's quality system audit , evaluation and registration activities , with the aim of passing the trial


Nuclear , evaluation and supervision afterwards to prove the supplier's quality system complies with certain quality assurance standards, the supplier's quality assurance ability to give independent confirmation . Quality system certification in the international arena also known as enterprise certification, quality system registration, quality system accreditation , quality system auditing . In China, the quality system certification means the recognized and authorized by the State Bureau of Technical Supervision certification bodies based on national "Quality management and quality assurance " series of standards, the application for certification audit units recognized at registration and issuance of the certificates in the form of proof its quality system and quality assurance capabilities to meet the requirements . "Product Quality Law" Article IX in the second chapter of the certification of the management, authentication type and authentication of objects, etc. to give principled provisions and clear quality system certification is a national product quality supervision and management of macro-control means.

iso9001 quality system certification , product quality certification originated in the " corporate quality assurance ability assessment ." This assessment focuses on the quality assurance criteria should be examined to confirm the ability of the business to ensure its long-term stability for products that meet specific product standards. Therefore, can not guarantee the product quality certification and the ability to assess the quality system certification alone equate quality assurance ability assessment is only a part of the quality system certification .

ISO 14001 Certification and  ISO 14001 Audit Factory 

ISO 14001 environmental management system certification letter.

ISO 14000 series of standards developed by the International Organization for Standardization 's environmental management system standards. For global environmental pollution and ecological damage and more serious, ozone depletion, global warming, loss of biodiversity and other major environmental problems threatening the future of mankind 's survival and development , comply with international environmental development , according to the International trade and economic development needs have been made.

ISO 14000 is an ISO launch of the second series of standards manageability . Of users ( enterprises, institutions , government ) provides a comprehensive management including quality management system inclusive basis for environmental management , environmental management provides a common language and guidelines.

ISO 14000 is an environmental management standards , a total of 100 standard number. ISO since 1996 , has been officially promulgated six criteria , namely:

ISO 14001 - Environmental Management Systems - Specification with guidance for use

ISO 14004 - Environmental Management System - principles, systems and supporting techniques General guidelines

ISO 14010 - Guidelines for environmental auditing - General Guide

ISO 14011 - Environmental Management Audit - Audit Program - Environmental Management System Audit

ISO 14012 - Environmental Management Audit Guide - environmental management auditor qualification requirements

ISO 14040 - Life cycle assessment - Principles and framework

Including the ISO 14001 environmental management system standard : including identification of environmental factors , it is important evaluation and control of environmental factors , applicable environmental laws and regulations to identify, access and compliance, environmental policy and objectives of the development and implementation to achieve pollution prevention, energy conservation , improve resource utilization , and ultimately achieve continuous improvement in environmental performance purposes .


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